Global Mindset

Global Mindset is all about having a global mindset. It is a consulting company focused on leveraging Digitisation & Globalisation for Learning & Working with following initiatives

  • International Business Consulting - through its initiative Integrating Australia with Asia (IAA)
  • Emerging Trends in Learning & Working – through its initiative Learning & Working (L&W)
  • Education & Training Consulting - through Technology enabled Innovations in learning in Teaching (TILT)
  • Thought Leading Conferences - through our initiative Global Events Management (GEM)
  • Golden Living – Transforming Senior Living through our initiative Health & Aged Care in India (HACI)
  • Technology & innovations in Agriculture & Food Processing through our initiative Agritech, Food Tech & Food Innovation (AFTFI)
  • Global Mentoring & Coaching aimed at enhancing outcomes in international education, international work, business collaborations, start-ups & innovation through our initiative Mentor2Mentee (M2M)
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality in the Asia Pacific Region (VAMR)
  • Artificial Intelligence in Learning & Working (AILW)

Integrating Australia with Asia (IAA) Initiative
Australia with Asia aims to strengthen relationships between Australian, Indian and other Asian entities and to enhance collaborations in the Australasian Services Marketplace. IAA’s main focus is on International Business Consulting including market entry strategies, market sizing, models of international collaboration

Technology driven Innovation in Learning & Teaching (TILT)
Global Mindset (GM) is a strong believer of technology driven innovation in Learning & Teaching. The TILT initiative is committed to and supports Education Technology start-ups and the innovation ecosystem around learning & teaching. TILT has a focus on Next Generation Learning Spaces, Online Platforms, Content, Pedagogy and Learning Solutions. It aims to enhance learning outcomes & operation transformation through high end consulting to Higher Education (HE), Vocation Education & Training (VET), Corporate Learning(CL), Lifelong Learning(LL) and K-12 Schools (K12S)

Global Event Management (GEM)
The GEM initiative aims to position Global Mindset (GM) as a global event management company enabling Australian companies to present conferences international and enabling International companies to present conferences in Australia.

Transition to 21st Century
We are living longer and we are in a lifelong learning & Lifeling working environment. We want to be mentally and physically active all the time. We are also living in a world where change is the new norm and the future is emerging. A future where there are varying degrees of digital literacy. So how best do we manage this transition to the 21st Century?What are the emerging trends in learning & working? Hiw are technology & globalisation impact various sectors of the economy? How best do we manage the innovation & aspirations of GenX GenY GenZ along with the experience & needs of Babyboomers & Senior Citizens.

Health and Aged Care in India (HACI)
We are living longer and we want to be mentally and physically fit till the last. This becomes particularly relevant as the global age balance starts tipping towards its senior citizens. Even India has a large number of senior citizens with some estimates putting them around 200 million. In this initiative we look at how we can innovatively build the Aged Care ecosystem in India around the 4 pillars of Policy, Skills, Technology and Global Perspectives.

Agritech, Food Tech & Food Innovation (AFTFI)
Technology is now becoming ever pervasive in our lives and is driving innovation. In this initiative we look at how technology and innovation are reshaping agriculture and food processing sectors in India.

Mentor to Mentee (M2M)
A Global Mentoring and Coaching initiative aimed at enhancing outcomes in international education, international work, business collaborations, start-ups & innovation.

Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) Mixed Reality (MR) in the Asia Pacific Region (VAMR)
There are many components which need to come together to make Virtual Reality (VR) a truly useful tool in education, training & work across desktop, mobile, 360 camera and fully rendered environments. The VAMR initiatives aim to build a community across Asia Pacific in application of VR, AR & MR to Learning & Working - with a special focus on Education & Training