Blended & Online Learning

 Sydney, Australia

Rapid technology developments, the MOOC phenomenon and anywhere everywhere learning have led to the recent rise and rise of Online and Blended learning.Higher Education (HE) institutions, Vocation Education & Training (VET) Providers, Corporate & Lifelong learning environments, Schools, Departments of Education and other Learning & Teaching institutions are keen to offer Online & Blended learning while enhancing student experience and engagement.

However, they are looking for advice on better understanding the new ecosystem, on models & components of Online and Blended Learning, on whether they should go for MOODLE or some other Virtual Learning Environment/Learning Management System, how to make content dynamic and interactive and many more such questions.

The teaching faculty, the VET trainers, the Learning & Development leaders are all being required to adapt their teaching styles to engage with learners in the paradigm. The learners, depending on their demographics, are either more, equal or less digital savvy then their trainers. On Tuesday, 25th August 2015, Global Mindset presented 15 + thought leaders from USA, UK, Canada and Australia at its 14th thought leading conference on Blended & Online Learning.


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