Emerging Trends In Learning & Working - Part 1

 Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, 93 Macquarie Street, Sydney - NSW 2000, Australia

We are now well and truly in the brave new world where

  • we are living longer.
  • we want to be mentally and physically active till the last
  • we are not only in a lifelong learning environment but also a lifelong working environment.

We keep hearing about digital transformation of the way we LEARN & TEACH and the way we WORK.

We keep hearing about how Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology and many more tech developments. We wonder about their likely impact in LEARNING & TEACHING & WORKING environments. We often wonder whether these are the next big things or the next big fads

On Wednesday, 03 August 2016, Global Mindset presents its 17th thought leading conference looking at how education, training and work are re-shaped. We present interesting case studies & perspectives

Join us on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 to NETWORK, listen to THOUGHT PROVOKING DISCUSSIONS, to get YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Great Early Bird special available so



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