Emerging Trends In Living, Learning & Working

 Sydney, Australia

Yes, Emerging Technologies continue to re-shape the way we live, learn and work, 

However, recent incidents of data breaches, driverless car collisions, drone accidents are getting us to re-think the journey we are on.

Is preparing for the 21st Century only about technology and digitization?

This is particularly relevant as we continue to live in a blended world with different parts of the world being at different levels of globalization & digitization.

Very often, it is back to basics in finding innovative solutions

In these thought provoking sessions we showcase leaders from Australia, USA, Luxembourg, India & Philippines and great examples of

  • Digital Transformation in Skills
  • Digital Transformation in Schools
  • Block Chain in Education/Training
  • Blending Skills in Higher Education
  • Digital Transformation in Higher Education
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education/Training
  • Partner based models of Curriculum Development
  • Digitization & Internationalization Skills Development
  • Story Telling in enhancing Learning Engagement & Outcomes
  • Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality in Education/Training
  • Enhancing Learner Engagement & Outcomes through Block Teaching
  • Mystery Sessions


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