Transition To The 21St Century

 Sydney, Australia

We are a world in transition as we blend physical, virtual and digital. We are in awe of rapid speed of change. We wonder how best to cope with ever pervasive technologies. And we look at the younger generation with a sense of insecurity as they appear increasingly digitised. So how best do we transition to the 21st Century or should we say to the 22nd Century.

We look at the current state, the evolving 21st Century and how best do we manage this transition. All this in an environment where

  • Lines between learning & working are blurring in a lifelong continuum
  • More of us will be working for ourselves
  • We have to be nimble and innovative all the time
  • Automation, globalisation & virtualisation are the new mantras

On 21st October 2015, Global Mindset presented 20+ leaders from US, UK, Australia & Singapore at its 16th Global Mindset thought leading conference.


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